Final Fantasy VI - Typhon Appears! ~ Event Details

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Final Fantasy VI - Typhon Appears! ~ Event Details

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Event Duration
1/16(Wed) 07:00 pm PT-1/27(Sun) 09:59 pm PT

Event Briefing
1. Perform quests in the newly unlocked areas.
2. Find a space-time rift.
3. Do battle with Typhon.
4. Obtain CP and Magicite Shards when the
battle's over.
5. Trade CP for rewards.
6. Use Magicite Shards to Transmute the
weapons you obtain.
* Other Espers (besides Typhon) can also
appear in the time-space rift.

The Typhon Battle
Note that this battle differs from the usual
brigade battle in the following ways:
* Crystal Points (CP) are earned on an individual
* CP are earned when you deal damage to
Typhon and Espers.
* The more damage dealt, the more CP you can
* Successfully defeat Typhon and the Espers
and you'll get a victory bonus on top of your
earned CP.
* You can receive Magicite Shards only after
defeating Typhon.
* You can also earn regular contribution points
when you defeat Typhon, but they have no
bearing on this event.
* Typhon will not appear while your brigade is
battling another Esper.
* The battle with Typhon includes no sighting
rewards, damage rewards, or victory rewards.
* There are no Miracle Drinks.
* Typhon will not appear during the brigades’
downtime (10:00-11:00 pm PT).
* Finding a space-time rift does not necessarily
guarantee that Typhon will appear.

Event Bonus
Equip weapons from FFVI during This event for
big boosts in ATK and DEF while fighting
* The stat boost is only in effect during the
Typhon battle.
* The boost is active even when a weapon is
not equipped under MAIN.
Remember, the more damage you do, the more
CP you earn, so make good use of event
bonuses when you fight.

Using Legends in Battle
Once you've spotted Typhon or an Esper, there's
a chance that a Legend will join you in battle.
Once a Legend has joined the battle, they’ll
fight for you every Time you use an All-Out
Attack, doing extra damage.
* The Legend will only fight alongside you for a
limited Time.

Links to the Next Event
The FFVI weapons found during This event will
give The same big boosts in ATK and DEF
against a certain foe in the next event.
The next event is slated to begin around the
end of January.

Caution (Please Read!)
* This event is subject to change without notice
* CP-exclusive chests and defeat count rewards
can be claimed until 1/28(Mon)05:59 pm PT,
after which all CP will be lost.
* Please read the caution at The Crystal Point
Exchange for more on trading CP.
* Please read the caution on the Evolve page
for more about event-exclusive evolution.
* ltems obtained by exploiting bugs or through
other means of cheating will be forfeited.
* lf you violate the Mobage Member Agreement,
if your membership is revoked due to illegal
conduct, or if you cannot carry over your
current account due to a change in mobile
devices, everything pertaining to this event,
including any items obtained, will be rendered

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